A gathering for people of color at Kara Walker’s 2014 art installation A Subtlety in the Domino Sugar factory to experience the space as the majority.

Statement of Intent:

This event is organized collectively, and is unaffiliated with Kara Walker and Creative Time. Our collective organizing is inspired by the following declaration of intent:

1. We believe in the power of the public to shape the environments in which we live, work and are otherwise invested.

2. We know that bodies of color are not always visible or valued in public space; we aim to create a space that values people of color through dialogue and shared company. Similarly, we acknowledge that people of color have historically been excluded from art institutions as exhibitors and viewers. We understand that increasing access and building inclusion is a responsibility that requires highly intentional efforts.

3. We intend to encourage and facilitate dialogue about historical and contemporary issues central to Kara Walker’s A Subtlety, its site-specific environment: the Domino Sugar Factory and the framing of both the work and the space.

4. We reject the uninformed and insensitive visual representations that have surfaced on social media, and we aim to overwhelm this imagery with images and information grounded in respect and thoughtfulness

5. We welcome all forms of peaceful, critical, thoughtful and inclusionary activities in the space during the lifespan of the gathering.

6. We hope that our gathering will catalyze others at future exhibitions and art events.

7. We envision, and are actively working toward, an equitable art world.

Organized collectively by: 

  • Ariana Allensworth is an artist and educator with roots in Brooklyn & San Francisco
  • Salome Asega is a Brooklyn-based artist and designer
  • Taja Cheek is a New York Musician, art producer and administrator
  • Sable Elyse Smith is an artist and writer based in Brooklyn
  • Nadia Williams is an artist, educator, and activist

For more highlights from the event visit: http://weareherekwe.tumblr.com/